Emmanuel Dugrenot

After a degree in biomedical sciences, I am facing basic research by following a master I of "Biochemistry", molecular biology, and then a master's degree and a (current) thesis of "Physiology". In the meantime I also interrupted my studies in order to pass my BEES 1 ° and the UC4 of DEJEPS diving at the CREPS of Montpellier.

Randomly doing things well, it was during these trainings I met Joël Gallien (then President of IANTD France and owner of Azur Plongée), with whom I had the chance to work and allowed me to specialize in diving Trimix and Rebreather closed circuit (CCR) by becoming an instructor and Instructor Trainer, IANTD, and CRR rEvo instructor.

It is also through this I could cross the path of the Dr. Bernard Gardette, with whom I had the opportunity to speak to adapt its COMEX experience from protocols to modern dive computers (Bühlmann to Gradient Factors), before you model them with his help and use it as a starting point to develop new models of decompression with the help of Dr. Alexis Blasselle, mathematician specializing in modeling physical systems and biophysical!

About my thesis, it wears on the "Determinants of resistance to the accident of decompression in one mouse strain selected in hyperbaric conditions" and it is headed by Professor François Guerrero (physiologist) and Dr. Anthony Guernec (biologist Molecular), in the laboratory ORPHY of the University of Brittany Occidentale.

Also, although this thesis takes me a lot of time, I will not stop training or diving anytime soon and I became Ambassador MARES for the XR range since January 2017!

In addition, although I dive mainly in the Brest region, trying to put me in the water as often as possible, especially in the Var, in Italy, underground or at any place where my fins will know lead me... and I continues to plan and prepare dives of exceptions (but not necessarily deep) I intend to achieve after my thesis!

Proposed courses

Formation CCR rEvo sur 10 plongées en 5 ou 6 jours
without any equipment rent 890 €
with equipment rent 1000 €
with equipment rent and BO 1100 €
Location CCR rEvo à la journée

Only for certififed divers on the equipment with regular practice.

50 €
Initiation CCR rEvo sur 1,5 jours

Comprend la location de la machine, les 2 plongées (ou une plongée longue), la location du Bail-Out, l’oxygène et la chaux

250 €

All proposed formations are IANTD. The price doesn't include certification fees, the equipment rental (except when mentioned) nor the gaz mixes and are only avaible for the given duration.

Be aware that you buy a formation not a certification. If needed, additionnal days can be added if the trainer jugdes it necessary. They will be bill 80€ for the first day then 150€ for the next ones.

Certificat IANTD.

Thibault Rauby 

I grew up with water. On boats from the cradle, Atlantic first then Mediterranean and finally around the world to join French Polynesia where I lived until I was 18. Of-then my first scuba diving to the Marquesas Islands at the age of 11 until the Gombessa in the search of the Coelacanth expedition, I'm never really out of the water.

My passion for the marine environment pointed me to the University of Brest and then to the school practice for advanced studies for a master's degree in environment and biodiversity management in 2006. I majored in biology and marine ecology, and more particularly on the tropical reef environment. Moorea in French Polynesia, I studied the proliferation of the animist Coral Sea Star, Acanthaster Planci. In Fiji, I realized the first study of the larval settlement of reef fish.

In 2008, in front of the lack of opportunities I chose to redirect myself to the teaching of the scuba diving. First seasonal then Manager of the diving center of Sanary and in parallel entrepreneur, my job allows me diving in varied conditions. In 2009 I majored in teaching technical diving, mixtures and rEvo Rebreather.

Since 2014, I work with the CREPS PACA, to pass on my expertise to the future professional instructors on these themes of biology and deep diving.

Thanks to my biologist skills combined with my status as a commercial diver class II mention B, I work with offices of environmental studies for which I make statements in diving, sampling or illustration photographic. It is how I start to work with Andromède Oceanology.

In 2013, Laurent Ballesta initiates the first project Gombessa in South Africa to plunge to the encounter of the Coelacanth. I participate in deep diving as an assistant and lighting designer for the shots. Since then, these expeditions brought us in the Antarctic polar waters off the coast of the French base Dumont d'Urville and then in the middle of the sharks of the pass of Fakarava in French Polynesia.

The documentary naturally led me to the cinema. I am regularly called for leadership of the dives and the security of actors under water or as an assistant cameraman shooting.

Since 2015 I develop with Justine Charbonnier Kraken diving structure which includes now all these activities.

Proposed courses:

Certificat IANTD.

Alix Godard

From the cradle, born Aquarius, the water was as necessary as air to me!

Born in Grasse, childhood in Burgundy, leaving at the Age of 10 years old with my parents and my sister for a trip that would last 3 years aboard a sailing boat.

This journey will be the trigger of my passion for the sea, the marine and underwater discoveries as well as the taste of discovery and adaptation.

Sailing in the Caribbean, South America, Gulf of Mexico, USA, largely influence my professional choices. Thus, after completing a one year tuition at a American middle school in Miami, I joined a school of mechanic of merchant marine in France in La Rochelle, to then specialize in boat maintenance in Les Sables D'olonne.

After these studies, I wanted to be back in contact with the marine environment. The diving seemed obvious and completed my training in marine merchant and sailing boat. So I trained in scuba diving in Egypt to obtain the PADI instructor, then at the Creps of Antibes to become diving teacher (BEES 1 °) in order to share my passion to discover the hidden treasures of the oceans to a wide audience and especially to the disabled. After thousands of diving in Egypt and having had responsibility of the maintenance of the diving equipment, I went teaching in the West Indies and in Corsica.

To expand my skills, I trained as a commercial diver in Lorient, then rope access technician in Paris. I’m now working in the Paris region and in the Var as a diver and a rope access technician.

Proposed courses:

Joël Gallien

During a vacation to the island of Madagascar, while confined to a hotel by the sea by the Malagasy authorities as a result of a severe cholera infection, I discovered that deep sea diving was accessible to all. This was back in 1999, back then I was still 33 – said otherwise I found my vocation later than most.

Born on April 15th 1966, I am from native to the south of Auvergne, and more specifically a small village called LE-PUY-EN-VELAY (43).

Having obtained a degree from business school, I begin my career in a factory specializing in metallurgy, and at 27 years old end up as the General Director. This was a great and respected position however I quickly find myself uninterested. My preference for professional creativity and liberty led me to quit and start my own company in 1998 which would specialize in project development. Since day one my company’s focus is directed towards international markets.

Quickly tormented and overwhelmed by an unstable economy, diving rapidly becomes my escape, an absolute necessity – a drug always at the forefront of my mind. Starting in 1999, my diving escapades become more frequent and punctuate my agenda.

Its in 2001 that my life takes a take a turn for the worse and my life pivots as I am struck with an illness where the odds of survival are slim and my days, seem numbered. After the operation complete, I fall into a sort of deep depression while I wait month over month for my medical results to come in and give me the verdict of what I would become. Seeing my disheartened state of mind, my friend suggested that I start an activity which would take my mind off of my present situation. Thank you Alain! Diving was the obvious answer – a physically demanding activity requiring intellect, giving me to opportunity to be in tune with nature, the feeling of liberty, and the strength to persevere and push through my own boundaries all at the same time.

Obtaining my BEES1, I myself become surprised at the joy I am provided from teaching. Everyday I am faced by a different audience, who’s goals and levels vary as much as the different environments we explore – the work does not pay much, but I was happy. A byproduct of about 450 dives a year, I progressively attain more experience meanwhile attending training sessions in parallel, primarily for my continued learning and secondly as I work towards the completion of formation programs like NITROX, TRIMIX, recycler, etc.

BEES2 since 2006 I enjoy the full privileges of professional education required by the Sports Code especially in the context of deep diving and the Tek Diving world.

2007 will be marked by the total acquisition of the base of divers at AZURPLONGEE located in SAINT-CYR-SUR-MER alongside the completion of the IANTD license for the French territories, encompassing France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, French Caribbean, New Caledonia, French Polynesian, Mayotte and Reunion.

Since, my adventures have continue in all sea and oceans of the world, all the time with the same passion.

Certificat IANTD.

Julien Leblond

Native from the island of La Réunion, Julien grew "feet in the lagoon" and marine passion since his childhood. At the age of 7, on holiday in Guadeloupe, it is accompanied by his family and his uncle diver that he saw his first immersion "with air tank" in the famous Cousteau reserve. Therefore he has always tried to reconcile his future job and his love of the ocean.

After graduate school he gets a double Master in Oceanography (Center of Oceanology of Marseilles) and engineering ecology and management of biodiversity (University Montpellier II) and then puts his skills to the service of Androméde Oceanology, innovative company founded in 2008 by Laurent Ballesta, Florian Holon and Pierre Descamp whose purpose is to drive any project related to the study and development of the marine environment.

Focused to others he decided to take his professional diving instructor 1st level in 2011 in order to be able to transmit its knoledge to the largest number. Also strongly interested in technical and scientific advances developed for underwater work he started diving in recycler in the same year. Seduced by the new exploration opportunities offered by this machine he continued his specialization in the practice of the recycler and becomes diver Trimix hypoxic closed circuit in 2015. Between 2012 and the end of 2014 he manages the diving center Androméde diving Bio and passes his DEJEPS.

In 2015, he moved to La Ciotat and works as an independent instructor to several structures in the area, including Azur Plongée located in Saint Cyr sur Mer. This diver support base known for offering quality technical training (certified by the IANTD training organization) allowed him to become an instructor

Confirmed Nitrox and Trimix in open circuit. He is currently undergoing certification to be recognized monitor closed circuit.

Certificat IANTD.

Jérome Novat

I discovered scuba diving at the age of 30 years during a trip to Guadeloupe and I immediately felt at ease. I therefore naturally followed the next summer by my level 1. I then enrolled in an associative structure in order to continue my learning of the discipline. It's after my instructor course that I signed my contract monitor with MARES.

Right after I got my first State diploma degree (BEES 1°), I had the opportunity to focus only on my passion for diving and to do my job. I then continue the seasons in both commercial structure in France and abroad. This allowed me to gain experience in all types of conditions on both under and on water. The evolution of the material and my taste for new technologies pushed me to turn to the deep diving and the recycler. I have been very attached to this machine, which has evolved over the years. My goal for the coming years is to discover deep diving through the XR range and the recycler with the rEvo.


We propose IANTD courses for Open Circuit or Close Circuit Rebreather.


Trimix Normoxic ​
Trimix Hypoxic


Air diluant ​
CCR Normoxic ​
CCR Hypoxic

Dives on demands

In addition to the training of divers, Tek Diving also offers dives on demands between Hyères (from April to September) and Sanary (from September to November) with our dive platform PPO2 fully equiped for Tek dives.

We accept from 2 to 6 experienced divers. Tek Diving can provide, if you need, trainers or dive managers to accompan you on a shipwreck at 120 meters deep (depending on your prerogatives).

We can also propose dives from local partners and use their infrastructures outside of "classic" schedule.

Dive price a minimum of 2 divers
1h30 of diving time €40 for each diver
2h of diving time €50 for each diver
3h of diving time €75 for each diver
4h of diving time €95 for each diver
5h of diving time €115 for each diver
6h of diving time €135 for each diver
Depending on the navigation time, fuel supplements can be applied.

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