Tek Diving SAS was created from the meeting between physiologists and divers. More specifically, it came from a collaboration between Bernard Gardette (former Directeur Scientifique COMEX) and Manu Dugrenot (student in biomedical science and Instructor/Trainer IANTD).

Our goal is to secure a maximum the protocols in deep diving. Starting with the information shared by Bernard Gardette, then refined with the help of Manu Dugrenot joined since by Alexis Blasselle, engineer and mathematician leading to models closer to the user physiology.

We seek to validate and better these protocols in a personalized approach of decompression based on medical precision, bearing in mind the variations between individuals, to then integrate them into the decompression models.

Beyond the operational aspects, we seek, simply to understand the mechanics behind the decompression accidents, while collaborating with the ORPHY laboratory (Optimisation des regulations physiologiques) of UBO (Universite de Bretagne Occidentale), in context of Manu Dugrenot’s PhD thesis.


Emmanuel Dugrenot

Founder, diving trainer and physiologist

Bernard Gardette

Scientific adiviser

Alix Godard

Community Manager

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